Michael Hahn


Michael Hahn

Michael is a highly accomplished business consultant with 30+ years experience providing consulting services to the pharmaceutical, mining, engineering, environmental services, FDI and education sectors.

After holding senior sales and marketing roles, Michael established his own consulting firm in November 1999 focusing on delivering one off projects with PPR, one Australia’s leading public relations firms. In 2003 he established the North of England Inward Investment Agency representing UK RDAs in Australia and New Zealand. For almost a decade he helped Australian companies establish a UK presence which included several collaborations with universities in the north of England.

As Project Manager, in 2011 Michael created a series of round-table events promoting bilateral trade in the mining & renewable sectors in several South American markets. In 2012 Michael was invited by the Australian Catholic University (ACU) to join a Sports Task-force that delivered recommendations to develop non-academic programs for ACU around sport, health and well-being.

In recent years Michael has worked for several SMEs helping them review their business and develop strategies with respect to trade & investment, strategic planning, capital raising, marketing & business development projects that has led to significant growth and expansion.

Michael joined dVT Strategy in 2017 as a consultant and combines his extensive industry experience with specialist skills in the areas of:

  • strategic planning
  • international business
  • business development
  • marketing
  • project management
  • investor relations
  • and communication activities to help our clients review and develop their business plans.

Michael has strong connections with universities, industry associations and government. He has led multiple trade delegations for Australian and New Zealand government agencies and is well connected in Australia’s professional services network, entrepreneurial and venture capital communities.