Bob Cruickshanks


Bob Cruickshanks
Bob is a valued member of our dVT Bankruptcy Team. He brings a wealth of experience and acquired knowledge in this area and enjoys educating and mentoring other members of the team.
He also shares his knowledge as an author of the Bankruptcy chapter in both the Law Handbook and the Lawyers Practice Manual and as a speaker at Bankruptcy Conferences. He has an ongoing interest in how the courts interpret the evolving Bankruptcy Act and the associated legislation.


Bob is a consultant at dVT Group specializing in personal insolvencies, administrations and forensic investigations. He was a former Deputy Official Receiver for NSW and the ACT at AFSA.
Bob brings over 34 years of experience to the firm having worked in all the front line sections of AFSA during which time he administered numerous complex bankrupt estates.
He has extensive knowledge and experience in the complexities and challenges of personal insolvency administration which encompasses both the legislative obligations on trustees and the practical implications of the Bankruptcy Act and legislation.

Qualifications and Memberships:

  • Diploma of Accounting

Areas of Expertise:

  • Personal Insolvency and Administrations.
  • Forensic Investigation and profiling of insolvent debtors.
  • Report writing and written communications with stakeholders.

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